Freeze Dried Sage

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Umang Pharmatech’s Freeze drying process locks-in nature’s goodness into our products, keeping them fresher for a longer period of time compared to sun dried products. Our freeze dried products guarantee to bear traits like flavor, color, aroma, taste and nutritional values to such an extent that they amazingly match that of the fresh produce. Umang’s Freeze Dried Sage is run through a process wherein moisture is slowly removed from the product using low temperature and vacuum. Only about 3 percent moisture remains in the final product at the packaging stage. Thus, the final product’s weight is reduced by 90 percent, while retaining the same amount of volume. This extraordinary process thus concentrates the original taste, natural color, and texture of the Sage. Our freeze-drying process is ideal for preserving the flavour of fresh herbs. The flavour of our Freeze dried Sage is fresher than regular sun-dried Sage. Our Freeze Dried Sage adds that little kick to your dishes. It complements dishes with peppers and onions and is great as a garnish in both hot and cold dishes. Sprinkle these freeze dried Sage leaves directly onto your dishes. You can use them as you would use fresh chopped Sage leaves. As long as there is moisture in your recipe, the freeze dried leaves should absorb enough moisture to soften, reconstitute, and release their full flavour.