Freeze Dried Potatoes

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Umang’s Freeze Dried Potatoes will change those days when you had to wash, peel, and slice potatoes. Just rehydrate them a little and use them in your recipes as you would fresh potatoes. They’re crisp just like potatoes should be. There’s no concern over extra additives as they contain the same amount of starch and vitamins as in fresh produce. The freeze drying process consists of placing the Potatoes into a refrigerated vacuum system that dehydrates it. During this process, the ice in the Potatoes sublimes right into vapor. Additives won’t be a concern for you because our freeze drying process maintains the integrity of the vegetable. Thus, making it an excellent choice for long-term food storage. On rehydrating, the potatoes will absorb liquid and resemble fresh diced potatoes again. The taste is great, and the nutritional food value is preserved. Freeze Drying provides natural and additive free products that can be stored effectively over long periods of time.