Freeze Dried Onions

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Say goodbye to tears with Umang’s Freeze Dried Onions! Now you won’t have to skip over onions to avoid the discomfort of burning eyes courtesy of chopping fresh onions. Our Freeze Dried Onions are already chopped and ready to use in your recipes. Now you can have all the nutrients of a fresh batch of onions in a convenient space-saving jar. Umang’s Freeze Dried Onions are produced via a process wherein moisture is removed from the product using very low temperature and vacuum. Only about 3 percent moisture remains in the final product at packaging. The end product weight is reduces by over 90 percent, and the volume stays the same. This amazing process concentrates the natural color, texture, and fresh taste of onions. On rehydrating, the product absorbs the liquid and resembles fresh onions once again. The taste is great, and nutritional value is preserved. Freeze drying provides natural and additive free onions that can be stored effectively for long periods of time. Our Freeze Dried Onions are light, crisp, and the flavors have the perfect balance of sweetness that can only be sourced from the freshest of onions. You can use them for a variety of applications that call for adding onions. You could even eat them right out of the can!