Freeze Dried Mushrooms

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Umang’s Freeze Dried Mushrooms are freshly harvested and sliced mushrooms that can be added to your favourite recipes. These mushrooms are light, crunchy, and at the same time provide an ideal amount of the familiar earthy aroma and taste associated with mushrooms. The freeze drying process consists of placing the Mushrooms into a refrigerated vacuum system that dehydrates them. During this process, the ice in the Mushrooms sublimes right into vapor. Additives won’t be a concern for you because our freeze drying process maintains the integrity of the Mushrooms. Our Freeze Dried Mushrooms will be an indispensable addition to your recipes. Try them as toppings or ingredients in your favorite meals, including pizzas, pastas, soups and more. On rehydration, our mushrooms look, smell, and taste exactly like freshly sliced mushrooms from the grocery store, along with keeping their original flavor and nutritional value. Freeze drying keeps all the natural elements of the mushrooms intact without any addition of preservatives or additives.