Freeze Dried Garlic

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Umang Pharmatech’s Freeze drying process locks-in nature’s goodness into our products, keeping them fresher for a longer period of time compared to sun dried products. Our freeze dried products guarantee to bear traits like flavor, color, aroma, taste and nutritional values to such an extent that they amazingly match that of the fresh produce. The freeze drying process consists of placing the garlic into a refrigerated vacuum system that dehydrates it. During this process, the ice in the garlic sublimes right into vapor. Additives won’t be a concern for you because our freeze drying process maintains the integrity of the vegetable. On rehydration, it will once again resemble fresh garlic. Be guaranteed that it won’t lose nutritional value when in the freeze dried state. Thus, making it an excellent choice for long-term food storage. Umang’s Freeze Dried Garlic brings you all the goodness of fresh Garlic without the peeling, pressing and cutting. It will amaze you with its light and crisp taste! Such is its versatility that you can add it to whatever recipe you can think of that calls for fresh garlic. Our Freeze Dried Garlic is just the right ingredient for breathing life into your recipes. You'll just love the intense, fresh garlic flavor in all your favorite dishes.