Freeze Dried Cauliflower

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Our Freeze Dried Cauliflower is crisp and light, and still has all the nutrition and taste of Cauliflower in its original fresh state. You can use them for any application that calls for chopped Cauliflower. The size of the Cauliflower pieces is ideal for side dishes, soups, stir fry, and more. Umang’s Freeze Dried Cauliflower is run through a process wherein moisture is slowly removed from the product using low temperature and vacuum. Only about 3 percent moisture remains in the final product at the packaging stage. Thus, the final product’s weight is reduced by 90 percent, while retaining the same amount of volume. This extraordinary process thus concentrates the original taste, natural color, and texture of the Cauliflower. On rehydration, the product will absorb moisture and resemble fresh Cauliflower again. The taste is excellent, and the nutritional value is preserved. Our Freeze drying process provides natural, additive free products that can be stored efficiently for longer periods of time. Our Freeze Dried Cauliflower is ideal for long term storage.