Freeze Dried Carrots

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Umang Pharmatech’s Freeze drying process locks-in nature’s goodness into our products, keeping them fresher for a longer period of time compared to sun dried products. Our freeze dried products guarantee to bear traits like flavor, color, aroma, taste and nutritional values to such an extent that they amazingly match that of the fresh produce. Umang’s Freeze Dried Carrots are produced in a process whereby moisture is slowly removed in a freeze dryer using low temperature and vacuum. Only about 3 percent moisture remains in the final product at the packaging stage. This process permits the carrots to maintain their original color and fresh sweet taste on re-hydration in water. Also, the vitamin and nutrient content of the fresh carrots is preserved by this process. Our Freeze drying process provides natural, additive free products that can be stored efficiently for longer periods of time. Our Freeze Dried Carrots are ideal for long term storage. Umang’s Freeze Dried Carrots are crisp and light and the flavor has the perfect sweetness that can only be found in the freshest of Carrots. You can use them for a variety of applications that call for using Carrots; you could even eat them straight out of the container as a healthy snack. The Possibilities are endless!!