Freeze Dried Aloe vera

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Our freeze dried rose petals are created by selectively hand harvesting roses one by one at the peak of perfection. All rose petals are carefully plucked by hand. The rose petals are then placed in our freeze drying equipment. Our process of freeze drying ensures that the shape, color and size of the rose petals are preserved. Our rose petals appeal to florists, event planners, and decorators. They are non-staining, not slippery, and all natural and eco-friendly rose petals. Umang’s Freeze Dried Rose Petals are run through a process wherein moisture is slowly removed from the product using low temperature and vacuum. Only about 3 percent moisture remains in the final product at the packaging stage. Thus, the final product’s weight is reduced by 90 percent, while retaining the same amount of volume. This extraordinary process thus keeps intact the fragrance, color, and texture of the Rose Petals. Choose over a variety of colours that we have to give a unique touch to your special life events, dinners, engagement parties, weddings, anniversary and birthday parties. Our Freeze dried Rose Petals are also great for massage and foot soaks. Shelf-Life: Umang’s Freeze Dried Rose Petals will store for upto… years in a sealed container under favorable storage conditions Packaging: Ingredients: Rose Petals (Weight)